About Me

Email: andrew@drewme.com / acaliao@gmail.com

I am an Electronics & Communication Engineering degree holder but working as a freelance web developer based in Davao City, Philippines. During my academic days the only subject I am happy with is any subjects that involves programming, may it be C++, BASIC, Turbo Pascal or etc. I only realized that programming is what I am for, only after a few years in college. Though I am most proficient with PHP/HTML/CSS/mySQL web development, I do still consider other languages for me to learn and master.

Most websites I developed were mostly CMS powered Joomla or WordPress sites. These involves PSD/JPG to template conversion, static HTML to CMS site conversion, component development for frontend/backend, and modification of the core files if needed, I do also develop PHP websites from scratch. Templates are xHTML/CSS compliant. I also do PHP/mySQL development with integration for hardware devices like GSM modems and microPIC with the help of Visual Basic language.